I Love The Park

“Parks and playgrounds are the soul of a city.” – Marty Rubin

I love the park. The tree lined walkways and shaded park benches can bring peace to the work a day person, provide a place where kids can play and explore, or a romantic backdrop for long walks hand in hand with the one you love.

Growing up, we made many visits to the park, mostly with my grandparents. I remember running to the playground, trying to figure out if I wanted to climb or to swing. We’d make new friends and would spend hours play acting - guarding your new fort, or having to use the monkey bars to cross the “hot lava” below. One park had a roaring lion drinking fountain. I was about six and there was no way I was going to put my head in the lion’s mouth – he was real to me and I thought he would bite my head off!

When my kids were little, we lived in Washington State. When the sun was out, so were we, and usually at the park. It helped the kids (and Mom) to rid themselves of cabin fever after being cooped up from a long string of rainy days. Sometimes I would incorporate a trip to the park with a homeschool lesson and would point out particular trees, birds, and insects that are found outdoors and also taught them to appreciate nature.

We just moved and there is a small neighborhood park across the street from our place. On one end, it has a small stage where they have free movie and concert nights, and on the other end, the best water squirting fountains for play. The kids have a blast while keeping cool in the almost triple digit heat.

Walking every day on the tree-lined walkway, either for health or hand in hand with my husband, has enabled me a much needed respite from the hectic past couple of months. I look forward to reading in the shade or simply taking delighting in the spirit lifting laughter of kids having fun playing in the water on a hot day. I love the park! ~ © 2019 T. A. Garcia

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