Ending for a New Beginning

“If you’re looking for a happy ending and can’t find one, find a new beginning instead.” ~ Ritu Ghatourey

Though hard to do, sometimes it’s necessary. We are the author of our own life story and responsible for our own happiness. Follow your heart and seek that which you know will bring joy and happiness to your life. Sometimes what we thought would bring us a happy ending doesn’t end up going that way. Don’t be discouraged. Think of all the wonderful experience you’ve acquired on the way to your joy as will as the excitement of a new beginning. ~ © 2013 T. A. Garcia


I originally posted this on November 1, 2013. And here two years later, I am enjoying the happiness from a new beginning that I dared to hope for back then.

It can be discouraging to journey with someone or something and realize that you aren’t happy with the way things are progressing or they end abruptly. You try and spend more time or effort doing the things you think might make that journey more joyful, further progressing toward the happy ending, or the journey just ends all together. When things aren't going the way you had hoped, instead of settling for the status quo, consider an ending so you can have a new, happy beginning. If the ending occurs on it's own, take joy in knowing that you are open for the possibility of a new beginning.

First, there needs to be closure from the ending. Reflect on what was enjoyed and what was learned, and then have joyful faith, as you live your life and dream your dreams, that a new beginning will start soon. Don’t dwell on what you did or didn’t do or monkey mind “had you done things differently “ scenarios, just appreciate the experience and strive to do things differently with your new beginning. In doing this, you'll break patterns that might have hindered you before, as it’s easy to fall into doing things as you always have. By breaking those patterns, you open yourself up to new and different experiences.

New beginnings can sometimes start unexpectedly. With relationships, just living your life and not “looking” for a life partner will bring the surprise of a new beginning. You may cross paths with someone who will not only be the love of your life, but will add to your life through their wisdom and experiences. You might be presented with a new job or project opportunity which will propel you to fulfilling your dreams. But no matter what the new journey is, embrace any new beginning with joyful anticipation of what lies ahead, whether it’s a new relationship, job or project. But never give up hope when it seems to take a long time for the new beginning to present itself; timing is everything.

So keep the faith, as it has happened for me, actually in less than the two years ago that I wrote that post. I’m thankful that I had peace in the ending of a very short journey at that time, to be ready to begin one that looks and feels like it will be a very long one, this time. A true happy ending. ~ © 2015 T. A. Garcia

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