“We are taught that it is better to give than receive, but this wrong. It is better to give and receive. Give and receive. If we think it is better to give than receive, this suggests that there is something wrong with receiving. There is nothing wrong with receiving; in fact we want to receive more, let life shower us with gifts, pleasures, joys, surprises, both large and small, and we want to show our appreciation for all these things. The more we can receive, the more we can give back, but the reverse it not true. Giving more does not necessarily mean we can receive more. We must remember that it is harder to receive than give, and work on this part of ourselves so that we become good receivers and givers, with both in balance.” ~ John Kehoe

It is easy to give, but many people struggle with receiving, myself included. I’ve really had to make a conscious effort to graciously receive blessings and gifts, even though sometimes it was quite uncomfortable.

Being a good receiver is not about selfishness, greed or entitlement. It’s about knowing and feeling you are worthy and deserving of what is being given to you and being comfortable with being open and vulnerable for that moment. Perhaps it starts with self-love and self-care. If you give to your self in time and doing the things you enjoy, it will enable you to have the openness needed to receive.

Appreciation also plays a part in receiving and may be an easier start to being comfortable with receiving. Whether it’s a gift, a hug or a beautiful sunset, by appreciating what is given to or is around you, it will also help you to be more open to receiving and will allow more blessings to come your way.

When you are open to receiving, you honor the happiness that someone feels when they are giving something to you. Think about when you’ve put a lot time and effort in looking for that special gift or planning an outing or even offering a heartfelt compliment, you look forward to that surprise look on their face or their smile and it makes you happy that they are happy. What if they shook their head or closed themselves off to receiving what you have to give? How would that make you feel?

The most important thing about being comfortable with receiving is being open to receiving love. Being loved is as special as loving someone and if we aren’t comfortable with receiving, we may miss out on the full joy of receiving both familial and romantic love.

The quote by Mr. Kehoe speaks of balance and that is what we should always seek, but I believe that giving with your heart and being open to and showing appreciation for what we receive truly does bring more blessings back to us. So enjoy the beauty of giving as well as receiving. ~ © 2015 T.A. Garcia

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