“The only expectations you should live up to are the ones of yourself.” ~ Unknown

Expectations are both good and bad; they lead to triumphs, but they can also lead to disappointment.

Expectation in ourselves is about hope for great things in the future and striving to accomplish our goals. It’s having respect and trust in who we are and the faith that our dreams will be fulfilled. The most important thing is to have self love so we are happy and content and not feeling like we have to seek it from others. When we strive to be the best that we can be and expect nothing less of ourselves, we can accomplish anything we want to.

Expectations of friends, family and relationships to make us happy to compensate for our lack of self-love, will truly lead to disappointment. There is a truth in the quote by William Shakespeare that “expectation is the root of all heartache”. We cannot control what other people feel, think or do, so when we have expectations of how others should be or respond, it’s imposing our own requirements on them and how we think they should be. We are all unique individuals with our own life experiences, needs and desires which motivate us to live our life as we want. We shouldn’t love people because we want to look at a mirrored reflection of ourselves, but for whom that person is giving them the freedom to be whom they truly are.

Communication plays a hand in letting others know what we might expect when it comes to asking questions, having tasks done for us or receiving things we need. Uncommunicated expectations, as in hoping people can “read between the lines” or understand our "hints", will only lead to anger and frustration if we don’t ask what it is we want to know or share what we actually need.

There also needs to be flexibility in how we expect situations should be in our lives or their outcomes. Not everything will turn out as expected, so we need to be at peace with how things are. When things don't turn out well, be of good cheer and see it as a new perspective or a learning opportunity. Sometimes things turn out better than we expected, so find joy in that when it happens.

Expect to win, and when you win, celebrate your victory. Expect to find true love and when you do, love the person for whom they are and not whom you want them to be. In life, if we frame expectation as anticipation, then it puts excitement into the action of chasing after our dreams. And if we free ourselves from expectations of others, this will allow for a more fluid, peaceful and joyfilled life. ~ © 2015 T. A. Garcia

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