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"I need to marvel. I am someone who thrives in the richness of the soil, the brightness of the dawn, the colors of the sunset, the taste of rich, black coffee. Even in the acuteness of the pain. I need to throw out my arms at least once every day and feel my heart sing in joyful harmony with the universe.” ~ Kristin Monk

Life is an amazing gift. With it comes amazing opportunities, lessons and experiences. When we are children, we discover our world with wonder and amazement. We live our life in the moment and enjoy every lick of ice cream even though it’s melting and dripping on to our hand. We laugh and play and only are aware of scrapes and bruises for a short time, not allowing it to spoil our fun. We love unconditionally and show love without any fear. Then responsibilities become a necessary part of life and we stop living in the moment because we’re busy making a life for ourselves and for our families. We look to others to make us happy and when they don't, we approach love with fear and caution.

As we get older, some come to the realization that there is more to life than the next paycheck, the next vacation, the next relationship and find balance in savoring the beauty of life that is available in the now. They aren't afraid of love because they know true happiness comes from self love and not from someone else. Even when there are challenges, the balance seekers will look for the lesson of the experience and will strive to do things differently next time, and when there is an end to a relationship, they don't have regrets for the opportunity to love.

Life has so many beautiful things to offer, so we need to follow its amazing journey and enjoy the moments of our experiences. Whether the moments are filled with joy, sadness, love, loss, victories or lessons, they shape who we are and allow us the balance needed so that we may cherish and appreciate the joyful times when we find love and accomplish our dreams and goals. We don’t know how long we have here, so let us embrace life and marvel at all it has to offer. ~ © 2014 T. A. Garcia

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