Changing Patterns

"Life is a process of working out what's not working for you and disentangling yourself from it and trying then not walk into the same thing again. Watching your patterns and correcting them if you can." ~ Siobhan Fahey

Much of our behavior is via established patterns. Routine makes things predictable and it allows us to stay in a comfort zone. But what if we want something different in our life; a different outcome than what always seems to happen? Then those behavioral patterns have to change. Granted, change can be scary, but without change, different results cannot be attained.

What others do or say causes us to fall into our usual pattern of response, and so the unwanted result of that response is what we are left with. We can’t control what is said to us or how we are treated, but we can choose how we respond. With a different response, there will be a different result. Sometimes walking away from a situation before responding is a better choice than putting yourself in a position where you receive or respond negatively.

So next time, instead of going right, go left. Instead of reacting, take a deep breath and think about what is going on with you and the situation. If it's a response triggered from an old pattern, make a conscious decision to change that pattern. Little by little, you will see the difference by changing and correcting how you respond. You will then be put in a positive place of feeling better about your life and the choices you are making." ~ © 2014 T. A. Garcia

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