True Healing

"My wounds are open, my heart is broken. But the healing has begun. The future is waiting. I have picked up the pieces…and now I will be one.” ~ Unknown

Time does not heal all wounds. I believe the beginning of true healing happens, first, when one makes the decision to begin the healing process. In order to heal, the scar tissue of those past wounds has to be removed. Facing the source of pain can be the same as facing one’s fears, so it takes a great amount of courage to do so. Seeing the source of pain can be quite uncomfortable, but it’s the only way to deal with it and let it go. By dealing with it, then re-injury of the wounded area can stop and by then letting it go, the past pain can’t continue to affect the present.

Part of the healing process is also about forgiving oneself. Some of the wounds we have are self-inflicted. We carry guilt as our punishment, which is the same as re-injuring a wounded area. What’s in the past is in the past. Our perceived failures and shortcomings are best seen as the steps on the climb to who we really are. Also, by not healing the internal wounds, coupled with the negativity of guilt feelings, they will eventually manifest themselves into dis-ease of the body, thus causing more pain and unhappiness.

I’ve experienced much pain in my life, but I chose to work through uncovering those wounds and “cleaning them out”. It wasn’t quick or easy and there were times that I didn’t want to be held accountable for my self-inflicted wounds. But after working through it all, I really appreciated the freedom and beauty of the healing.

Healing does not happen overnight. Depending on the depth of the wounds, it could be a long process. But anything worth achieving never happens overnight. So while one is on their healing journey, it is important to surround themselves with people who will support them in their quest for complete well-being, avoiding negativity and negative thinking. Once healing has begun, many things in one’s life will change and the world will become a more beautiful place. ~ © 2014 T. A. Garcia

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