The Gift of Life

“Today is the most important day of your life. More accurately, this moment is the most important moment. Most of us spend our lives searching. Searching for the perfect job, the perfect pet, the perfect moment to tell someone how much they mean to us, the perfect soul mate. None of these and all of these things exist. And sometimes we are lucky enough to discover one or more of them. And when we do, we begin the journey of searching all over again. Why? For the same reason a mountain climber nearly kills himself to reach a new summit. For the same reason a man gets married for the second time. And for the same reason a grieving widow finds a way to get out of bed each day. It’s because deep down inside, somewhere deep in our souls or in the passionate side of our hearts, lives the truth. And the truth is that all we really have is now. This moment. This moment is the greatest gift you will ever receive, for in this moment, anything and everything can be enjoyed. Our greatest gift is the one thing we truly have and never need to search for. It’s life. Don’t waste it. Do not throw it away. With each breath, fill your lungs with life and your heart with all the happiness you can stand. And keep on searching. Because when you find yourself on top of that mountain, and the summit is yours, you will know that it was every moment of the journey that brought you to where you are. Spend each moment of your life as if it were your last, and when you are faced with your last, and the bitter feeling of life begins to escape your body, you will smile knowing that you really did treasure your most important gift, life.” ~ Jaye in Insignificant Moments

Each morning, as we open our eyes, we should wake with the awareness that it’s another day of our life’s journey to give thanks and appreciation for another opportunity to pursue our dreams, hug our children, and to share a kind gesture or word with a stranger.

It’s another day to make choices, both good and bad, where we can learn, evolve and gain wisdom from our experiences.

It’s another day to experience joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, courage and fear, want and contentment.

It’s another day to live life and cherish the moments, creating memories to last a lifetime.

And most importantly, it’s another day to tell someone we love them, so if in the next moment their life our ours should end, the gift and purpose of our lives - to love - will be fulfilled. ~ © 2014 T. A. Garcia

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