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“Someday, we’ll be together. I believe that with all my heart. Until then, I want you to dive for dreams. I want you to trust your heart. I want you to live by love. And when you’re ready, come find me. I’ll be waiting for you…” - Ben Sherwood (Charlie St. Cloud)

Is it possible that there is one special person out there for us? Are they seeking us as we are seeking them? Many feel in their heart of hearts that there is a specific person out there that is just right for them whom they will one day meet.

Whether one believes in destiny, being a vibrational match to a future mate, the unseen choreography of the Universe or God’s timing, how one comes face to face with that special person and possible life partner isn’t as important as whether one believes it is possible.

Many search for the love that will complete and fulfill them; that there’s someone out there holding a missing puzzle piece to their heart. Until people realize that they themselves are responsible for their own happiness and completeness, they will go in and out of relationships with the same kind of people with the same kind of result – feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. This will ultimately lead to heartache and break up.

So until the timing is right to meet that special someone, strive to be the best possible you you can be! Do the things that will allow you to evolve and achieve completeness within yourself like setting goals, realizing dreams, self-improvement and positive thinking as well as doing things that bring you joy and make you happy.

Trust and have faith that as you dive for dreams and live by love, that you will eventually meet that special someone. Until then, endeavor to love yourself and be complete and happy with who you are. This is important to achieve before you can truly love someone else.

Perhaps as you do this, your special someone is doing the same. So when it’s time for your paths to cross, you’ll be ready to meet them. Two complete people, together, to love…completely. ~ ©2014 T. A. Garcia

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