Different Results

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

As we live our lives, we go about doing things according to our beliefs, personal and familial patterns, previous experience, etc. Whatever the outcome may be, we can either consider it an accomplishment or a learning experience.

We are presented with many opportunities and relationships, some are new and some may be similar to ones we’ve had before. Most of us approach the new opportunity or relationship in the same way we always have and hope for a different result because it’s a different place or different person. But if we weren’t happy with the outcome, why do we still do what we do hoping for a different result?

Most of the time it’s our usual, conditioned way of doing things, our personality, our self image, or maybe because we don’t want to step out of our comfort zone and do things differently. As Mr. Einstein wisely stated, we can’t do the same thing expecting different results.

So what if with the next opportunity or relationship that comes our way, we “go left instead of right” with our response, whether in words or action? It can be scary to do differently than what we always have, but there is a certain delight when we receive a different result, especially when it’s better than what has usually happened in the past. The more we go in the “different that usual” direction, the more courage we’ll have to continue to do things differently. This will break the pattern of “that’s what always happens to me” syndrome.

If we are presented with a situation or relationship that is very much the same as something we’ve encountered before, then maybe it’s not a coincidence. We need to see the repeating situation as an opportunity to do things differently to get a different result and if we don’t get the result we are hoping for, then it again will be a learning experience and will not only put us closer to the possibility of a different result, but we have personally grown and evolved by stepping out of our comfort zone.

So have the courage to do things differently, embrace the change it brings, grow and enjoy the small victories of getting a different result than you have before. ~ ©2014 T. A. Garcia

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