Go With The Flow

"Go with the flow…. Whatever you resist, persists. Take the path of no resistance. Be like the river, live your life in the flow." ~ Unknown

There was a time in my life when the weight of the world and its obligations weighed heavy on me. I was micro managing everything because there were financial and relationship difficulties. I was trying to take care of it all by myself. I’d been told how much freedom there was in just letting go, trusting that God/Universe would provide and things would be taken care of. But every time I thought about “pulling in the oars and going with the flow”, fear kept me from doing it. I was a control freak because I didn't like surprises. I wanted to have a hand in everything so I’d be prepared for whatever might happen. I had a sense of security being in control, but there were some things I just couldn't control. It was frustrating and energetically exhausting.

One day, while taking a walk for some quiet time because I was so overwhelmed with all that was going on, I decided to let go, really let go, and trust that God, The Universe, The Grand Pooba in the sky would take care of me. I was well acquainted with the power of positive thinking and was learning through a class that I was taking that there was much peace and abundance available to anyone who desired it. So instead of trying to control everything and worry about what might happen in things I couldn’t control, I took action where I could, put my desires out there for what I wanted and I trusted the rest would be taken care of. And sure enough ~ FREEDOM!

I stopped worrying about the next business deal, the next bill, the next whatever and it gave me more time and space to focus on things that I enjoyed doing like reading, writing, singing, or just doing nothing! I let go, pulled in those oars and started to flow; my life started to flow.

From that day on, the law of attraction began to work for me and I experienced prosperity. I was smiling and laughing again and that seemed to attract more positive things into my life. When I had a need or a question, it would be fulfilled or answered in one way or another. I was less stressed, so everyone around me was too (I hadn’t realized how contagious stress was). I could then enjoy the little things and when the big things happened, like they do in life, I had the strength and the positive outlook to handle it because I knew it would work out.

With peace in my life, I was then free to go after my dreams, one of which was to become a published author; that dream has now been fulfilled! I am thankful everyday for all that I have and for all that I can and will accomplish in the days to come.

So make that decision to let go, have the faith you will be taken care of and go with the flow. Take action in doing what you need to do to make your dreams come true ~ write them down, meet and associate with those who have achieved what you want to achieve, stay positive even when challenges come your way. That’s all part of readying yourself to attract the things in life you want and realizing your dreams. Always be in appreciation for what you have and just flow….. ©2014 T. A. Garcia

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