Be A Conscious Choice-maker

“By becoming a conscious choice-maker, you begin to generate actions that are evolutionary for you.” Deepak Chopra

Where we are right now is a result of all the choices we have made along the path of our life's journey. Although some of those choices may not have been good ones or seemed the best at the time, nonetheless, the fork in the path came, you chose a direction, there you went and here you are! With that choice made, many more choices came about and because of them, you have grown and evolved as you would have had you made a different choice or went down a different path.

Think about a big choice you made and imagine what it would be like if you had taken the other path or made different choices. Where do you think you would be now? Would things be different? Would you be different?

With each choice and path taken, new choices and paths are brought to you so that you may further grow and evolve. Also consider that something you were destined to experience will cross your path anyway, but now the crossing can be looked at with perhaps wiser eyes, a more experienced, evolved you. When presented with a particular situation now, do you think you would make the same choice as you would have say, ten years ago?

2014 is a new year with new experiences and opportunities in store. Embrace each one! Don't let regrets or the past hold you back and hinder you from making good choices. And if you come upon a time where a choice you make isn't so good after all, that's okay, think of the experience and wisdom you'll gain. If there is something you want to experience in your life's journey and it isn't happening right now, just keep on keeping on; you eventually will. Your choices you make along the way will determine the timing. ©2014 T. A. Garcia

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