Don't Look Back

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know what it doesn’t hold any longer. It doesn’t hold drama and confusion. It doesn’t hold heartbreak over a person who doesn’t deserve me. And it doesn’t hold regret. Because where I am today is exactly where I need to be.” ~ Author Mr. Never Give Up So many of us tend to look at the past and where things didn’t go the way we’d hoped in our hearts they would, then we try to find the reason things didn’t work out. We monkey mind all the different scenarios of how we could’ve been, done or said things differently. Would it have had a different result? The thing about trying to rework the past is it’s just not possible – it’s the past! Yes, it’s good to think of how we’d do things differently, but that is more about experience than trying to change what has already happened. Sometimes the past hurdles we encounter are on the way to achieving a goal or finding our life partner. But if we look at where we are today and dwell on what we’ve not accomplished or keep our eyes and hearts in the past, we cannot move forward. These are not delays in fulfilling what we want, this is life happening on the way to fulfilling our dreams and goals. It may take us off the path we are on, but just think of the new things that have been felt and experienced on that new path. As I was writing my novel, life happened and my book didn’t get published as quickly as I’d hoped, but all the experiences I had, the lessons and wisdom gained, I feel, made me not only a better person, but in the long run, a better author. The story of my novel changed as the story of my life changed, although they are not related in any way. I feel the end product and the ultimate fulfilling of my dream of becoming a published author was worth the time and diversions of life as it happened along the way - it made for a sweeter victory! Living in the now, embracing the lessons learned and approaching life and love differently going forward is where we need to be. By letting go of the bonds and heartaches of the past, we are able to move forward. Where we are today is exactly where we need to be. So embrace the moment and be excited for what’s ahead and for the opportunity to enjoy new things. Strive to approach and experience relationships in a new way and cherish the accomplishment of seeing a dream or a goal become a reality. ~ © 2013 T. A. Garcia

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