"I loved this book. Wish I had read it when I was a young girl. The heroine, Jade, is lovely - humble, beautiful, although she doesn't know it, and strong. She is an excellent role model as she navigates the temptations and pitfalls of being a teenager." ~ Valerie Clay, author of The 7th Tarot Card

A Time In Paradise


“People show up in your life just when you need them and will sometimes give you a message that will totally change your life, if you choose to follow it.”


Jade Gonzalez has always been fascinated with Hawaii and its beautiful beaches, jungle waterfalls, volcanoes, and elaborate flower lei. Even the islands’ eclectic cultural mix seems perfect to a girl of Mexican-Asian heritage.


A winter vacation to the islands to visit her mother’s old college friend Leilani gets really interesting when Jade meets Leilani’s cute son, Kai. Together, the two explore the legend of the Hidden Falls, a magical waterfall with the power to grant one’s heart’s desire. During the hike, Kai is injured and, on her way to get help, Jade takes a bad fall, only to wake up in 1957. The waterfall, it seems, really is magic.


In the past, Jade meets handsome Pono Kaluhiwa, who immediately falls for the girl from the future. Trouble is, Jade already has feelings for Kai and wants to get back to her own time. Besides, she knows what the future holds for Pono—staying with him could change his destiny and hers. Even so, Jade’s tempted to stay. Pono’s hard to deny.


Jade has a decision to make. Does she (and can she) go back to her own time, or should she stay with Pono, changing the future forever? Either way, someone’s heart is going to break. The question is, who's heart will it be?

"T A Garcia brought the islands to life through the eyes of her young heroine, Jade. I thought the right notes were hit to reach the target audience and the plot twists left me wondering 'what if' on more than one occasion. A fun read!" ~ Michael DeBeau, author of Poole's Gold

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